The Master & His Magic

The Master & His Magic – Jagjit Singh

Brand New Album of Jagjit Singh

  • A compilation of the ghazal maestros UNRELEASED recordings from his personal archives
  • The album is a personal remembrance by his wife Chitra Singh, who has personally selected these songs and digitally re-mastered & restored them from amongst more than 100 recordings
  • 9 UNRELEASED classics from a span of over the last 20 years
  • Poetry by Ghalib, Farag Roohvi & Bashir Badr
  • Includes a book which captures his life & times & is accompanied by rare photographs which give a glimpse into the legends life
  • Songs accompanied by a personal remembrance by Chitra Singh which talks about her memories of her husband
  • The only album to be released to commemorate Jagjit Singhs first death anniversary which will have NEW & UNRELEASED recordings
  • The only Official Tribute to the legend a must have, Collectors Edition pack !

Details of Music ‒ The Master & His Magic – Jagjit Singh ORDER NOW

  • Label:
    Sony Music
  • Track Listings:
    1. Tu Ambar Ki Aankh Ka Tara
    2. Dekha Jo Aaeena
    3. Jao Ab Subah Hone Wali Hai
    4. Ro Lete Toh Achha Hota
    5. Aahon Mein Hai Asar
    6. Rone Se Aur Ishq Mein Bebaak Ho Gaye
    7. Tu Jo Aa Jaye
    8. Dil Mein Ab Dard – E – Mohabbat Ke Siva
    9. Woh Firaaq




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