Ghazal Symphony

Since years we have cherished soulful voice of “Jagjit Singh” in the realm of Ghazals. He has engraved his unforgettable songs with his mesmerizing voice in our hearts. And so we have attempted to present to you your favorite ghazal maestro with his most admired ghazals with an unusual resonance.

For the first time in the history of ghazal concerts you will witness a SYMPHONY orchestra live with Jagjit Singh with a group of melodious rhythms of Violins, Brass, Piano, Drums and African drums – a majestic orchestra of 30 musicians. A contemporary look, feel and sound with the soulful singer, an evening unheard off.

A streak of diverse sounds amalgamated with his soothing voice will create ripples in the sea of music. An evening which will mesmerize a true music connoisseur’s heart. Symphony with Jagjit Singh will create magical melodies with his heart-warming songs and each string of violin will strike a chord in your heart and make you re-live your first love!Mr. Deepak Pandit is going to arrange the symphonic music specially for this concert . Mr. Kuldeep Desai has created this innovative concept.


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