The List of Awards received by Jagjit Singh is as large as his Musical journey but some of them require a special mention..

  • PADMABHUSHAN” : Award from Govt. of India – 2003
  • Sangit Natak Academy” Award
  • Sahitya Kala Academy” Award – Rajasthan – 1998
  • Lata Mangeshkar” Award by M P Govt. -1998
  • D. Litt.” from Kurukshetra University, Haryana – 2003
  • Ghalib Academy – Delhi – 2005
  • Dayavati Modi Award
  • Teacher’s” Lifetime Achievement Award – 2006

The Sahitya Academy Award in 1998 for popularizing Ghalib.

The Madhya Pradesh government honored him with the Lata Mangeshkar Samman in 1998.

In the year 2003 the maestro has been honored with the title Padmabhushan by the Govt. of India.

Gaurav Puraskar for the year 2004-05 from  Smt. Chandibai Himathmal Mansukhani College, Ulhasnagar will be given to him.


Jagjit Singh is active in several fields such as the Library at St.Mary’s, Bombay Hospital, CRY, and ALMA . He himself and HMV produced an album of songs on life, love, and children, titled “Cry for CRY”. Jagjit Singh donated all royalty from the sales of the cassette (3%) to CRY, and persuaded HMV to donate their share of the sales (5%). 


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