First Indian!

Jagjit Singh, First Indian Musician to Record CD, Dies at 70

Jagjit Singh released more than 80 albums during his career.

These days, it sometimes seems that artists have had long and fruitful careers if they manage to release more than three or four albums in their lifetime. Indian music star Jagjit Singh released more than 80 albums throughout his career spanning nearly fifty years.

Singh is most famous for his work in the genre known as Ghazal, a traditional style of song performed in Urdu. Widely known as “The King of Ghazal,” Singh is credited with having rescued the classic genre from the verge of extinction with his creative arrangements, including guitar accompaniment, and his masterful vocals.

In addition to his prolific career as a solo artist, Singh became one half of the first successful husband-wife recording duos in India when he began releasing music with his wife Chitra in the 1970s, The Times of India reports. With his 1987 album Beyond Time Singh became the first Indian artist to release music on CD.

Blending diverse cultural influences into his music, the singer was known for his ability to sing in a variety of languages, including Urdu, Hindi, Nepali, and Punjab. Singh frequently lent his voice to Indian film soundtracks and Bollywood musicals, most notably 1982′s Arth.

The acclaimed singer had been planning a tour when he suffered a brain hemorrhage in September and reportedly slipped into a coma. Singh passed away on Oct 8,2011.


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