Insight cover, 9 KB

Jagjit Singh
Lyrics: Nida Fazli
Santoor: Surendra Sharma
Tabla Girdhar Prasad, Abhinav Upadhaya
Dholak: Narayan Sonu
Violin: Deepak Pandit
Guitar: Arshad Ahmed
Bass: Tony Vaz
Synthesizer: Anjan Biswas
Recording Engineer: Hassan Sheikh

This is possibly the most philosophical set of ghazals Jagjit Singh has ever sung. They run the entire gamut, from the clarity of yeh zindagi to the wandering metaphors in garaj baras. Certainly Nida Fazli has outdone himself here, and Jagjit Singh infuses just the right amount of reflection into his voice to balance the apparent agon.

  1. Garaj baras pyaasi dharti parThis ghazal has more allusive metaphors than I can enumerate and it never fails to move me to consideration. What I like about Jagjit’s rendering is the movement between a slurring chant and the clarity that enters his words when he encounters something new in the song. This is a trip if there ever was one.
  2. Main roya pardes mein bheega maa ka pyar
  3. Badla na apne aap ko jo the wahi rahe
  4. Yeh zindagi aaj to tumhare
  5. Jeevan kya hai chalta phirta ek khilona hai
  6. Muh ki baat sune har koi dil ke dard ko jaane
  7. Apna gam leke kahin aur na jaaya jaaye
  8. Chaand se phool se ya meri zuban se suniye

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