Birha Da Sultan

Birha Da Sultan
The poetry of Shiv Kumar ‘Batalvi’
EMI: CDNF-140028 (1995)

All of these and more will be found in Greatest Punjabi hits of Jagjit and Chitra Singh which is where all my notes on the songs are. I’m glad of course that EMI has released this CD, but it’s missing ‘Main tandyali thor ve sajna’ which is a problem if it porports to be a complete selection of Jagjit & Chitra’s rendering of Shiv. That said, it is a very good album, the quality is great, but I would generally buy the Greatest Punjabi hits CD because it has a few more songs. A clean cut of 10 Shiv poems is excellent as well, though. ‘Main tandyali thor ve sajna’ can be found both in Greatest Punjabi hits and Jagjit Singh Punjabi hits

  1. Ghamaan di raat lammi ai
  2. Umraan de sarwar
  3. Maye ni maye mere geetan de nainan vich
  4. Rog ban ke reh gaya
  5. Eh mera geet kise na gaana
  6. Tusin kehri rutte aaye
  7. Raat gayee kar tara tara
  8. Jaach mainu aa gayee gham khaan di
  9. Yaariyan rab karke
  10. Maye ni main ik shikra yaar banaya

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