An Evening with JagjitChitra

An Evening with Jagjit & Chitra Singh

  1. Tum nahin gham nahin
    Lyric: Saaed Rahi
  2. Har soo dikhai dete hain
    Lyric: Jigar Moradabadi
  3. Shola hoon bhadakne ke guzaarish nahin karta
    Lyric: Muzaffar Warsi
  4. Koi paas aaya
    Lyric: Saeed Rahi
  5. Jab kabhi tera naam
    Lyric: Sardar Anjum
  6. Main chahta bhi yehi tha
    Lyric: Waseem Barelvi
  7. Aisa lagta hai
    Lyric: Bashir Badr
  8. Maana ke
    Lyric: Muzzafar Warsi
  9. shaayad
    Lyric: Ahmed Faraz

2 thoughts on “An Evening with JagjitChitra

  1. Chitra Ji

    I ask God daily for him to touch your soul with his love as you keep the faith
    And I pray for Jagjit Ji who no longer walk this journey of faith with us
    Chitra Ji
    I cannot say I truly understand the depth of your pain
    But one thing I do know is that
    He has left us with great sounds
    And that brings comfort to still hear his voice.
    I think of all loved ones who is no more
    In the same way I think of God
    I cannot see God, but I feel his love and presence in my life
    Every time I look at a plant, a flower a tree or simply take a deep breath of air
    I thank God
    And so it is every time I listen to the music of Jagjit Ji
    I send him Love and Blessings
    My prayer is for you to always feel his presence in your life
    For you shared a love we can only dream of.
    My greatest wish is to see and hear you sing again. If only for the love of your beloved
    So dig deep into your soul And let your voice be heard again
    Sing your love song to God now For I know you will make millions of people happy
    You are a beautiful soul. Be blessed Today and Always.

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