Jagjit Singh

Jagjit Singh: Ghazal Singer, Composer, Vocalist

Date of Birth: 8 February, 1941
Date of Death : 10 October, 2011
Birthplace: Ganganagar, Rajputana (in British India)
Nickname: Ghazaljit Singh
Schooling: Khalsa High School at Ganganagar
graduated in arts from DAV College, Jalandhar
post-graduate from Kurukshetra University, Haryana
Father: Sardar Amar Singh Dhiman
Mother: Bachchan Kaur
Wife: Chitra (Singer)

Jagjit Singh is the top most Ghazal singer of India. His father wanted him to become a bureaucrat, but Jagjit wanted to do something in music. But later his father found happy with Jagjit’s music career and achievements. Jagjit Singh has two brothers and four sisters.

Jagjit Singh took training in music from Pandit Chaganlal Sharma for two years in Ganganagar. Later he was trained by Ustad Jamaal Khan of Sainia Gharana for six years. He excelled in Thumri, Khayal and Dhrupad under the guidance of Ustad Jamaal Khan. He moved to dream land Mumbai in 1965 to try his luck in music. Like many other singer, Jagjit Singh started his singing career by singing for jingles. During the initial days he also performed at many wedding ceremonies and parties.

In 1967, while working for one of the advertisement jingles, Jagjit met his life partner Chitra. Chitra is also a popular Indian singer. They got married in 1969. They together had a son called Vivek. They lost their only son in a car accident in Mumbai, when their son was only twenty one. After death of their son Chitra stopped singing professionally, but Jagjit continued singing because he thinks it is the only way to overcome this great loss.

His unique way of rendering the Ghazal made magic in the music world. He gave new dimension to Ghazal singing by accompanying western instruments rather than going with traditional instruments like a tabla, harmonium, and string instruments. He was the one who bring Ghazal for every one which was previously restricted to some classes only.

He simplified the Ghazals for people who don’t understand the traditional Urdu words. His simplified way of presenting Ghazals made audience more aware of Ghazals and also forced them to fall in love with Ghazals. Now even his fans are interested in learning the Urdu language.

He is very unique with his singing style. He can stretch his breathe so long that it’s impossible for anyone else. The smoothness and calmness in his voice can lead any impatient person to a peaceful state. His voice makes such a magic that even many psychiatrists agreed that his singing gives relief from stress.

The undisputed singer has more than fifty Ghazal albums on his credit. Along with Ghazal, he also had sung Bhajans and Gurbani. He had sung beautiful Bhajans in albums like Hey Ram…Hey Ram, Hare Krishna, Maa, Man Jeetai Jagjeet and Ichhabal. All of his Ghazals and Bhajans are hit. Success of most of his albums made him one of the top Ghazal singers in the world. Besides Hindi and Urdu, he also had sung in Punjabi and Gujarati language. His Punjabi songs are very lively and joyous.

Jadjit Singh sung most of the poetry by famous poets like Mirza Ghalib, Nida Fazli, Ameer Meenai, Sudarshan Faakir and Kafeel Aazer. He also sung the words by writers like Faiz Ratlami, Zaka Siddiqi, Rajesh Reddy and Nazir Bakri. Along with singing Jangjit Singh also has composed his Ghazals. His compositions for the TV serial Mirza Ghalib was one of his best. His most successful composition for films include films like Arth, Premgeet, Khudai and Sarfarosh.

Along with solo albums, Jagjit also had successful history in Bollywood as well. His famous film songs includes ‘Hontho Se Choo Lo Tum’ from Prem Geet, ‘Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar’ and ‘Tum Itna Jo Muskura Rahe Ho’ from Arth, ‘Chhitti Na Koi Sandesh’ from Dushman, Hosh Walon Ko Kya Khabar Hai’ from Sarfarosh, ‘Koi Fariyad Tere Dil Mein’ from Tum Bin, ‘Kehta Hai Baabul’ from Baabul, and many more.

After entertaining the world for more than four decades, the singer still today active with his private albums and live concerts.

Jagjit Singh Biography Jagjit Singh – Awards & Achievements

  • 2006 – Teacher’s Achievement Awards
  • 2003 – Padma Bhushan by Indian Government (one of India’s highest civilian award)

Jagjit Singh – Hits

Jagjit Singh – Ghazal Albums

  • The Unforgettables – 1976
  • A Milestone – 1980
  • Main aur Meri Tanhaayee – 1981
  • The Latest – 1982
  • Ecstasies – 1984
  • A Sound Affair – 1985
  • Echoes – 1985
  • Beyond Time – 1987
  • Mirza Ghalib (TV Serial) – 1988
  • Passion / Black Magic – 1988
  • Ghazals from Films – 1989
  • Emotions
  • Man Jite Jagjit – 1990
  • Memorable Ghazals of Jagjit and Chitra – 1990
  • Someone Somewhere – 1990
  • H O P E – 1991
  • Sajda (Two Volumes with Lata Ji) – 1991
  • Kahkashan (TV Serial) – 1991
  • Visions – (Two Volumes) – 1992
  • In Search – 1992
  • Rare Gems – 1992
  • Face to face – 1993
  • Your Choice – 1993
  • Chiraag – 1993
  • Desires – 1994
  • Insight – 1994
  • Cry for Cry
  • Mirage – 1995
  • Unique – 1996
  • Come Alive in a Concert – 1998
  • Live at the Wembley
  • Love is Blind – 1998
  • Silsilay – 1998
  • Marasim – 1999
  • Saher – 2000
  • Samvedna 2002
  • Soz – 2002
  • Forget Me Not – 2002
  • Jaam Utha
  • Muntazir – 2004
  • Tum To Nahin Ho – 2005
  • Best of Jagjit & Chitra Singh
  • Koi Baat Chale

Jagjit Singh – Composer Filmography

  • Leela – 2002
  • Sarfarosh – 1999
  • Khudai – 1994
  • Billoo Badshah – 1989
  • Kaanoon Ki Awaaz – 1989
  • Mirza Ghalib (TV Serial) – 1988
  • Rahi – 1987
  • Long Da Lishkara – 1986
  • Ravan – 1984
  • Arth – 1982
  • Sitam – 1982
  • Prem Geet – 1981

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