10 Lesser-known Facts About Jagjit Singh

JS2While he lived, Jagjit Singh gave a lot of people an anchor to hold on to in times of despair through the sheer magic of his voice. His songs had the power to stir the souls of music lovers so much that many admitted that his songs brought tears to their eyes. His songs were the reason for his greatness and the songs resulted from the greatness of his talent.

He made ghazals (which were initially considered to be a form of music enjoyed only by the elite class) accessible to the common man. Along with his wife, he touched unprecedented heights and numerous of his songs are considered classics.

Here are some little-known facts about the greatest legend of our time, Jagjit Singh.

1. Jagjit Singh’s father wanted him to become a bureaucrat by joining the Indian Administrative Services.

2. He had six siblings: four sisters and two brothers.

3. In his initial days in Mumbai, Jagjit Singh used to make a living by composing jingles and performances at weddings.

4. His only son Vivek died in a car crash in the year 1990. At that time he was only 21 years of age. This had a permanent shattering effect on him and his wife.

5. Jagjit Singh’s wife Chitra Singh gave up singing after the tragic incident and ‘Someone Somewhere’ was the last album that the duo recorded together.

6. It was Jagjit Singh who started the practice of paying lyricists a part of an album’s earnings.

7. Not from a well-off family, Jagjit Singh, as a child, used to study by the light of lanterns as there was no electricity in the house. Singh stated that they even lacked the facility of running water.

8. In 1987, Jagjit Singh became the first Indian musician to record a purely digital CD album, titled ‘Beyond Time’.

9. Famous Bollywood playback singer Kumar Sanu was offered his first break by Jagjit Singh.

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10. The tickets for Jagjit Singh’s concert “Live at Royal Albert Hall” in 1982 were sold out in three hours


One thought on “10 Lesser-known Facts About Jagjit Singh

  1. Birthday Reminiscences
    (On the fourth Birth Anniversary of Jagjit Singhji – Feb 8, 2015)
    Dr. Aparna Chattopadhyay

    Our unforgettable and revered Jagjitji,
    On your celestial birthday, we send you our warm wishes with fond remembrances.
    As one remembers you, one feels vividly —
    – The wafting scent of your intangible presence every now and then —–
    – The soft nuances of your melodious voice reverberating in the air —–
    – The sweet memories of your generosity and kindness in your thoughtful gestures —-
    – The fragrance of your majestic personality and its rare genius —–
    – The soft balmy effect of your scintillating melodies —
    – The beauty of your subtle wit and humour and its mysterious healing power —
    – The elegance of your dignified and quiet manner —-
    – The glow of your charismatic persona and its mesmerizing appeal —-

    How could, then, one forget you ever, who gave us so much to remember— ?

    Here’s a modest gift – my tribute to you on your birthday – ‘Samarpan’ – a music album of some of your favourite devotional songs sung by me in my modest attempt to keep their memory fresh. The album is not for sale and is only for distribution amongst your fans.

    While I embarked upon this endeavour, a relevant couplet came to my mind, time and again;
    “ Hamey raaston ki zaroorat nahin hai,
    Hamey aapke kadamon ke nishan mil gaye hain ….”
    Indeed, following your invaluable footsteps in the mists of your memories, is a beautiful way of missing you ….
    May the peace and blessings of God be upon you always.
    — Aparna

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