Beyond Time

(October 10th – Two years since the day Jagjit ji left us… we gather a bouquet of remembrances of him and his beautiful gift of soulful music to the world…)

Dr Aparna Chattopadhyay

jagjit-singh-Ode to The Musical Legend Rest in Peace

“Kabhi dunia mukkammal ban ke
aayegi nigahon mein,
Kabhi meri kami duniya ki
har ek sheh mein paaogey,
Main utna yaad aaoonga
mujhe jitna bhulaaogey”

As I listen to these sensitive lines sung by you and gaze pensively at the winding road leading to the Taalkatora Stadium, lucid memories of an unforgettable evening haunt me… that memorable, beautiful evening… of your last musical concert held there…and I can’t help recollecting a beautiful, subtle verse sung by you for your music album — “Beete lamhe kuch aise hain, khushbu jaise haath na aaye”…

The fragrance of those moments brings back nostalgic mists… of many treasured, precious memories… and I see you vividly… all poised in your snowy-white apparel… looking so much at peace with yourself…singing soulfully… in your velvety, mellifluous voice and your unparalleled, captivating style — amidst thousands of mesmerized music lovers — your ardent fans.

Drifting along the labyrinths of the memory lane, I long to rewind the fleeting time backwards… to see you all over again… face to face… and to feel your radiating warm smile… your incredible serenity, simplicity and sensitivity… It seems as though it was only yesterday that I met you, backstage to greet you… as you were signing autograph books of your fans… with a warm smile… and kind words. The subtle fragrance of your luminescent presence still lingers on in the air… seeming to hum gently:

“Abhi naghmon ki sargam
fizaaon mein hai….
Abhi saanson ki khushbu
hawaaon mein hai
Abhi saazon pe hain
unglion ke nishaan
Tum abhi thei yahaan
tum abhi thei yahaan…..”

A wave of sadness overpowers me and a few more poignant lines spring to my mind, which you had sung for your last music album, ‘Inteha’ in your golden voice:

“Kuchh bach jaate hain to
kuchh mit jaate hain,
Waqt ka aana-jaana
chalta rehta hai…
Saanson ka afsaana
chalta rehta hai…”

That soulful composition had touched many a heart. Vivid scenes of its enchanting video trail before my eyes… projecting you so gracefully in your multifarious moods… in many soft colours… But the above lines sung and emoted by you so very symbolically and artistically , sound all the more meaningful today, especially now when you are no more amidst us… A deep longing creeps in, overwhelming the senses… as you are missed… desperately… despondently. One recollects the unforeseen twist of time — too sudden and blatant — which had left everyone aghast… It was too hard to believe… and bear… a world without you — meaningless… and empty… creating an unfathomable void in the music world. Strangely, your uncanny prophecy did come true which you had sung years back —

“Dekhte hi dekhte,
duniya se main uth jaoonga,
Dekhti ki dekhti
reh jaayegi duniya mujhe…”

The world was shocked indeed beyond words — the loss was too huge… irreversible and irreparable… for you were one of a kind… the rare kind who are born into the world only once in centuries… You were irreplaceable indeed —

“Kuch log jo jahaan se
guzar jaate hain,
Woh hazaaron ke aane se
miltey nahin…”

And one recollects every little incident associated with them, reminiscent of those golden moments spent with them as expressed in the beautiful lines of a melodious song —

“Na jaane kyun,
hota hai ye zindagi ke saath,
Achanak yeh mann
kisi ke jaane ke baad
Kare phir uski yaad
chhoti chhoti si baat…”

Unruffled by Time, your image remains immortal and Beyond Time… as your unforgettable and cherished memories are etched and enshrined in the hearts of millions. True to your name you did captivate the world with your genius and mystique… your overwhelming charisma and magical spell — The following lines reflect your magnanimous persona truthfully:

Saara jag jeet ke le gaya,
Jag chhod ke jaane waala…

May your soul rest in peace eternally and blissfully… in your new Divine world…..


2 thoughts on “Beyond Time

  1. Few people can remember each line of Jagjit ji’s ghazals with such brilliance. You truly live and breathe the artistic creations of Jagjit Singhji.

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