Yaad Aaoonga…

Jagjit Singh – Yaad Aaoonga [Inteha] from MirageCreations on Vimeo.

Jagjit Singh – Inteha (2009)

Jagjit Singh is a prominent Indian Ghazal singer, composer, music director, activist and entrepreneur and is known

as “The Ghazal King”. He together eith his wife Chitra Singh founded new hostories of fame in indian music

industry.There are many successful ghazals composed by Jagjit Singh. The latest albums of Jagjit are “Koi Baat

Chale” (Lyrics by Gulzar), ” Jazbaat” and ” Inteha” . all the tracks in this album are melodious and heart

touching. It is another big hit of records and excellent collection of tracks. All the songs in the album were big

hit in their original forms. You must enjoy it. It is free to download and they are free for your enjoyment. Just a

single click is required. Bohemia as a great singer and composer gave excellent work in this album and tried to

prove himself as a great star which by this album he proved and stood at the top positions in the list of good

singers. ‘Inteha’ is a part of the three album deal that BIG Music had signed with the king of ghazals. All 8

tracks in the album have been shot on video. Today it is need of hour to change the slight flavour of ghazal to

make it more attractive for the young listeners and it can be seen in the album “inteha” by Jagjit Singh. The genre

of the album is slightly changed than other Ghazals.


One thought on “Yaad Aaoonga…

  1. No words are enough to describe the greatness of legendary Jagjit Singh. His all of a sudden death has left a huge void in music and in the lives of many like me,who used to get a solace and heavenly peace in listening his music,be it a Gajal or Punjabi folk.
    His live concert PARWAJ at Esplanade,Singapur is ultimate.
    No body gets every thing in life and unfotunately Jagjit and Chitra had their share of misfortune,but what a strength,the great Jagjit Singh,how bravely over come the greatest tragedy of life and even became stronger and gave superb numbers after that.You will always live in our hearts.

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