The Unforgettable – Jagjit Singh

S U B S C R I B E to J A G J I T  C H I T R A  Vimeo Video Channel


3 thoughts on “The Unforgettable – Jagjit Singh

  1. There would never be another jagjit singh again! This video is the best I have ever seen. Chitra ji and jagjit ji together-Superb and unparalleled.

  2. I had the biggest surprise of my life when I listened to this album….something that my Dad and I have dreamt all our lives. Dad (Shri Priyadarshi Thakur) writes Hindi poetry and ghazals by the name of ‘Khayal’ and one of our greatest desires was that Jagjit Singh jee would someday sing his ghazal. Dad had known Jagjitjee for many years and had presented him with several of his books and individual ghazals. Jagjitjee had promised that he would sing one day but last year when Jagjitjee suddenly passed away, our hope and ‘unfulfilled desire’ went with him. When Chitrajee and Sony Music recently released this collection of Jagjit’s un-released ghazals, one of the ghazals (ghazal #4) in that album is written by Dad. Jagjitjee kept his promise and left us a most cherished gift of our life! It would have been great to see Dad’s name as the lyricist for that ghazal in the album, but nevertheless this is a very happy moment in our lives that we will remember and cherish for ever!

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