Last few meetings with Jagjit Singh were interesting

… says Jassi about his last few meeting with Jagjit Singh

Jasbir Jassi made a mark in the 90’s which was the era of Punjabi pop music. He is one of the few singer who has still managed to survive in the race where the rest of his contemporaries have vanished in the dark. An amazing live performer, a great singer and a humble human being has still a lot to offer to the crowd when he walks on to the stage to perform.

And live performances still remain at the center of his preferences when it comes to music. And as he enters into the world of cinema with his first release, Khushiyaan, he shares the time he spent with the late gazal maestro Jagjit Singh during the shooting of the film which remains the last film for which Jagjit singh recorded.

“I spent some really great time with Jagjit Singhji who taught me some really good things. Those last days and meeting were very interesting and I will always remember them.”

Jassi feels that his movie career will enhance his skill as he will be able to reach to a much wider audience in Punjab and will give him a better hold on his audience. We wish him all the best.


2 thoughts on “Last few meetings with Jagjit Singh were interesting

  1. Can you post some videos on tribute to jagjit singh as shown in the above picture….thanks a lot you did a great work on this website…:)

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