Hariharan pays tribute to late Jagjit Singh

Singer Hariharan has an interesting titbit to relate about the late Jagjit Singh. “Once I was listening to a ghazal sung by him called Saamne Hai Jo Usse… He had sung it so well, that I called him in the middle of the song and said, ‘Kya gaaya hai aapne, bardaasht nahin ho raha hai’, and Jagjit replied, ‘Itna bura gaaya hai kya?’

He had a great sense of humour,” says the singer. Hariharan is all set to pay a musical tribute to the late ghazal maestro, who passed away a few weeks back. This Thursday, Nehru Centre at Worli will be witness to a grand musical evening ‘Immortal Jagjit’, where singers Jaswinder Singh and Hariharan will pay him a tribute. “I will be singing a couple of my ghazals, as well a few of my favourite ghazals of Jagjit’s including Sarki jaaye, Tum itna jo and Saamne jo hai…”

Hariharan has known Jagjit since the 80s and has also worked with him a couple of times. “Working with him was always a pleasure. I would be floored with his simple gestures of love. He was a musical person and his singing was really controlled. It’s really sad, the way he left us,” he says, adding, “The best tribute to a musician is through music, and that’s what we’re doing with this concert.”



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