Jagjit Singh Wanted to Buy Property in Rajasthan

The Ghazal legend is no more but his legacy will live on. After Jagjit Singh’s last musical concert in Jaipur in July-2010, the ghazal maestro expressed his desire to buy property in Jaipur.

“Jagjit ji loved Rajasthan and he was quite attached to the state and whenever he came to Jaipur, he felt at home,” says Naveen Tak, producer from Jaipur (produced Mahima Choudhary starrer film ‘Souten- The Other Women’) adding, “His last concert in Jaipur was in July and he invariably believed that Rajasthan is the most beautiful place on earth.” Asking about Singh’s plan to buy property in Rajasthan, Tak reveals, “He was in talks with a couple of property dealers in the city because more often than not, he used to say ‘ Ek property lelo yaha par (Rajasthan) aur fir sukoon se aakar rahoonga'”. Guess the singer’s affinity to Rajasthan dates back from his childhood days as he was born in Sri Gaganagar, Rajasthan.

Naveen revealed that Jagjit Singh recorded his last bhajans with him. “I produced a bhajan album some four months back which has a total of seven songs out of which, Jagjit Singh sang two and the rest songs were sung by Alka Yagnik, Udit Narayan and Sadhna Sargam, Sadhana Sargam among others,” informs Tak. Besides singing, he loved to eat. “We recorded the songs in his studio in Mumbai and he especially asked me to get Rajasthani food from Jaipur as he is really fond of bajre ki roti aur sarson ka saag. Though he wasn’t allowed to eat spicy food but he couldn’t resist the food and so he happily gorged on the Rajasthani food,” says Tak.


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