Reactions to Jagjit Singh’s Death

(Reuters) – Playback singers and the Hindi film industry react to Jagjit Singh’s death on Monday.


“It is a loss for the music industry but especially those who knew him well, like me, are shocked. I was hopeful that he would come out of coma, but God had other plans. He was known for his ghazals and there is no doubt that he worked very hard at it and developed his own style.”


“He was a courageous man. He remained positive, he remained strong and maintained his sense of humour. He was a pleasant person to work with. After going through so many calamities, if a person can maintain his equilibrium, that is rather commendable.”


“May god give peace to Mr Jagjit Singh’s soul ! He was the king of poetry & soulful music; He will live in our hearts forever…. R.I.P”


“My film ARTH would not have touched the hearts of millions of people without the contribution of Jagjit Singh. Thank you friend.Thank you!”


“I cannot believe we are talking about him in the past tense. He was a wonderful person and a great friend. I love you Jagjit.”


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