Bollywood Mourns Jagjit Singh’s death

The man who gave ghazals a new direction in Bollywood left the world today morning. And it goes without saying that the whole nation is mourning his departure. Here is what a few celebrities tweeted today morning after hearning about the great loss…

Shabana Azmi: Kisi ki nazar lag gayi hai kala ki duniya ko..jagjit singh no more. His contribution to the ghazal in India is unparallelled.big loss

Shreya Ghoshal: Jagjit Ji passes away. One of the saddest day for all us music lovers. The golden voice will not song anymore. Rest in peace.

Madhur Bhandarkar: Terribly shocked to hear the sad demise of Jagjit Singhji, in u i have lost a dear friend, yr soulful songs will remain till eternity.

Mahesh Bhatt: Just heard that Jagjit Singh has passed away! My film ARTH would not have touched the hearts of millions of people without the contribution of Jagjit Singh. Thank you

Sophie Choudhry: This cannot be true. Am absolutely devastated. R.I.P Jagjit Singh. This cannot be true. His voice moved ppl to tears & so will this news. A true gift to music. Am absolutely devastated. R.I.P Jagjit Singh

Celina Jaitly: Shocked to hear the golden voiced jagjit Singhji passed away ,we have lost our magnificent ghazal maestro & a wonderful human being

Shekhar Kapur: A heart tht captured millions thru poetry n song. Gb’ye Jagjit, dear friend.

Courtesy: The Times of India


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