Jagjit Singh Better, But is still on Ventilator

MUMBAI: Ghazal maestro Jagjit Singh’s condition is slightly better, however, he is still on a ventilator, said hospital sources on Wednesday. His family declined to comment until he is better.

The singer, who was admitted to Lilavati hospital, after he suffered brain hemorrhage on September 18. Currently, he is on life support. Friend and singer Anup Jalota, who visited the hospital on Wednesday afternoon, said, “His condition continues to be the same. He is still on a ventilator.” Jalota was probably one of the few visitors to the hospital. “Jagjit’s wife Chitra is a strong woman. She told me that we just need to pray for him.” Meanwhile, bloggers continue to pray for the speedy recovery of the singer. Actor Anjana Sukhana, who is keen to know about the singer’s health, tweeted, “Any news of Jagjit Singhji….is he doing ok now?…Please let me know if anyone is aware of his health condition.” (sic)

While the hospital declined to provide any information about the exact mode of medication, sources said Singh is responding well to the treatment. “His condition has slightly improved,” said the source.


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