Ghulam Ali Prays for Jagjit Singh Everyday

Mumbai, September 27, 2011

Pakistani singer Ghulam Ali gestures during a concert ‘Beyond Boundaries’ with Indian singer Jagjit Singh, unseen, in Bangalore on Sunday.

Jagjit Singh and he were to perform at a concert last Friday but only he ended up on stage, entreating the audience to pray for Jagjit Singh, who had suffered a brain haemorrhage in the morning and been rushed to Lilavati Hospital in a critical condition. “I was so tense. Irrespective of which

country we belong to, our creativity binds us together,” points out Ghulam Ali. “I’ve been on the phone with doctors every two hours and finally I’m told  he’s stable. I remember him in my namaaz (prayers) everyday. Inshaallah, woh jaldi theek ho jayenge (With God’s grace, I hope he gets well soon).”

Meanwhile, after two days of postponement, the Pakistani singer finally recorded a film song for Suhaib Ilyasi’s film, 498A- The Wedding Gift. The film that features newcomers, Harsh Nagar and Shrishti Gautam, is on the misuse of Section 498 A of the Indian Penal Code in dowry cases, and the song is a patriotic track, sure to evoke a sense of nostalgia for the country amongst NRIs living abroad.

“I don’t usually sing for Hindi films but Suhaib is very dear to me and the song struck a chord. I come from a small village in Pakistan. My work takes me all around the world but every time I go back there, I want to settle there. Desh ki mitti kise bhaati nahin (Who doesn’t feel for his soil?)” reasons the maestro.

“Besides, Suhaib has touched on an important issue through the film and I’d like to lend my support to the cause. And I hope my song reaches out to Indians all over the world.


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